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I am going to design a product to store books, the unit will have a modern look to it and it will have different functions other than just storing books. It will be aimed at people between the age range of 20-27 (Male/Female).

My friend John loves reading books, he is currently revising for his degree in University. He has many books lying around in his house which he has had since the age of 10 and he can not get rid of them because they have alot of sentimental value to him. He has alot of vital books that he needs to revise from for him to pass his degree, but he never seems to find them due to the numerous amount of books lying around in his house. This is a major problem for him because if he does not start to organise his books he will never be able to find the books that he needs to revise from, also he will not be prepared in time for his exam. John has 4 younger siblings that are very energetic that run about a lot, they can trip over the books and seriously hurt themselves, Furthermore Johns parents are always complaining and nagging him to store his books somewhere but he has not got anywhere to store them plus he can not find anything that gets a WOW reaction from him to buy. He has an eye for detail in a product and he wants something modern that has different functions other than just storing books.

Target Market
The user group that I have chosen for this product is people between the age category of 20-27. The reason for this is because when an individual is between that specific age range it is a very important stage in their life due to education in school/college/university. They have a lot of exams which means they need to revise from books and they need somewhere to store them and my storage unit/functional shelf for books is the perfect place to store them because it will keep them organised and easy to find in their homes, Another reason why I chose this user group is because they are young which means they have a taste for modern, creative and unique products. They have an eye for detail in products and my design is specifically designed for people between the age range that I have chosen which means it provides a modern, creative and unique look that people between my chosen age range desire. This it is not just any ordinary book shelf, it will have different functions that I have incorporated into my ideas which will appeal to my target market.


This product is a modern looking bookshelf, it has a walnut veneer finish which will appeal to the user. It stands out because of the two high black gloss draws at the bottom of the unit. The unit has four spacious shelf’s which the user can use to store books and other items such as picture frames. The length of all four shelf’s is 68cm. The unit is made out of wood which makes it very durable and reliable for the user because it will be very stable and last for a number of years. The two draws at the bottom of the unit are well designed because it reinforces the walnut veneer colour of the unit. There are two colours which you can choose to have for the draws, a high black gloss finish or a white gloss finish. This particular unit has a black gloss finish with two chrome bar shaped handles on each side of both draws, the chrome handles support the black gloss finish when they are combined together and become a very stylish design. The two draws can be very useful to the user because it has a locking mechanism which will keep valuable items safe. The shape of the draw is rectangle also the whole unit is a rectangle shape. This product can be used in a family home or an office, in a family home the unit can be used in rooms such as the front room, living room and dining room, the dimension of the complete unit is 180cm in height 68cm by width 30cm by diameter, children under the age of four should not be left unsupervised near this product, this product can be found in retail shops such as Argos, Ikea and