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In the introduction of Kid’s Deli Lunches, the Kid’s Deli Company will follow the product adoption process. This includes by initially building awareness about the company through promotion within schools. This will then generate interest with the lunches as the children and parents will become more alert to the product. The company will then employ an evaluation and trial of its product in a select number of schools and finally the product will be adopted throughout schools in Australia and even internationally.
At the core product level, Kid’s Deli Lunches will offer a tangible good (lunch meal) for children. It will provide children with a satisfaction of their hunger and also for the children’s physiological needs. The lunch product will be a convenience product that will be delivered directly to the children’s schools.
In terms of its expected product, Kid’s Deli Lunches will differentiate from its competition by providing a freshly prepared home-made lunch. These lunches will be nutritional yet still tantalising in taste and provide a healthy alternative to the school canteen. The lunch will be delivered straight to the children’s schools so that the high-quality of the lunches will be maintained. The lunch will be packaged in fun packaging will include eye-catching designs that attract the children’s attention. Kid’s Deli will aim to give children an enjoyable eating experience. This packaging will aim to play on the children’s pester power.
On the augmented level, Kid’s Deli Lunches will contain the heart-foundation tick of approval within its labelling. The labelling on the Kid’s Deli Lunch products will provide its consumers with information on the standardised weight, contents of goods, and food ingredients. This will all be provided on a nutritional sticker on its products. This will demonstrate and reassure the nutritional value of the lunches to the parents. The lunches will also include a promotional token that children can collect in exchange for prizes such as skipping ropes, basketballs and bikes to encourage children to take part in a healthy lifestyle.
Potentially, Kid’s Deli could also expand to provide healthy catering for birthday parties, sporting and community events and functions.
Kid’s Deli will have a range of lunch products as part of its product mix. Within these parents can choose a variety of different lunch product from its product line from sandwiches to salads. Kid’s Deli will also add a variety of product items to its product mix including freshly squeezed juices and healthy snacks such almonds and fruits.
Kid’s Deli will employ family branding to its products which will reduce the costs of promotion in promoting new products. Kid’s Deli will include their brand name and trade mark on its products. The Kid’s Deli brand will also be legally registers so the company exclusive use of the brand.
Kid’s Deli will aim to provide a reasonable price for its products. Initially Kid’s Deli will employ penetration pricing in which the company will employ low prices to capture the market. The lunches will be low priced to encourage