Production of Harmful Gas Emissions Essay

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U.S. Foreign Policy of 1945
Clean Dirt The United States and China are both number 1 and 2 in producing harmful gas emissions throughout the world. If this country is serious about global warming, America needs to work with China to build a clean energy and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Instead of creating a new source of power that will cost billions of dollars, these countries should work together to create/modify coal so that it is less damaging, and more sustainable than it is now. Working with china will bring the United States and several other countries economic prosperity because of the advancement and development in politics and health in China. For many years now, carbon dioxide has fluctuated and increased in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide absorbs heat is the leading reason behind climate change and global warming. Global warming will also have many other affects such as heat waves, more frequent hurricanes and floods and while our climate is getting hotter, the probability of these outcomes are more likely to happen. In both China and the United States, coal–burning power plants provide around 50% of the electricity consumed. In order to reduce emissions many countries seek alternative energy sources in either natural gas, nuclear power or hydroelectric power. For the world as a whole, coal –fired plants provide about half the total electric supply, while every American uses the electricity produced by 7,500 pounds of coal each year. The United States and china are one of the two world leaders in polluting the environment and it would take for these two leading countries to unite and lead the fight against global warming. Because coal already plays a huge portion of the world’s power supply, it would very hard to move away from coal. In America and probably other countries as well, it takes a very long time to get permits for power plants and as well as build sufficient power lines throughout that country or region. If we can come up with technology to capture carbon dioxide before it is released into the air that coal produces would be great because it would reduce gas emissions and help the environment at the same time. Pre-combustion systems sound like great plan to incorporate into a coal power plant because it is very efficient and inexpensive. This will enable people to chemically treat coal so that it produces a flammable gas with lower carbon content than untreated coal to be separated and stored into rocks. Which will ultimately mean less carbon dioxide going up into the air. Also by doing this there are many beneficiaries that come with this. The process of separating and storing the carbon dioxide is very technical, however if done right it can have many positive effects on our environment. Once the air/carbon dioxide is captured, you can store