Productivity Paradox Essay

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There is a huge clash between productivity and technology because we give first priority to productivity and we gain high productivity by combining with latest techn
In today’s world we have built a very close relationship with the computer and its technology. It is impossible to survive without the help of computers; we are so much involved with its technology that one day if we lose this technology we would be in a serious trouble there would be huge loss on the global market.
A major part of world economy is gained by computers and its technology. But we also face heavy losses in this field. Man has invented computer to ease work pressure and time. He has made life so simple and fast with the help of this technology. But even though he has gained a huge success in this industry he is also bound to face losses. So does this mean that even if computer and its technology is part of our life we need to make few compromises? Its very hard to say that we completely rely on computers to complete our task. It depends on how we handle and manage this technology. ology. When it comes to Banking, it has become a lot easier and convenient for people around the world to get connected to banks and make their transactions. Islam and Yang (2009) observed that “service quality satisfaction and
Informational trust had important mediating effects on the Balance score card
Performance process” [1].The level of productivity increases as they handle their clients with better service and technology. In the past all the transactions, documentation and so on were written on papers and store them in files. But now things have changed so dramatically that technology has helped the banks work with clients online. People can now work with the banks using internet and all the money transactions and documentation can be carried through computers and internet around the globe. All the personnel data, client information are stored at the bank’s main servers. But does this mean that a bank can get the productivity just because it has introduced the latest technology? I don’t think so. According to Natasha Bantwal “The biggest problem is that most people lack trust ” [2]. Because if the bank’s main server crashes or if someone hacks into the personnel details of a client then this would have a deep impact on the client as well as the bank’s reputation due to lack of security. People will begin to lose faith on the bank and