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2.5 Application: Productivity Software

Need a software or program that will assist you with you at home, work, or school environments? I know I did so two such software solutions that I turned too was Natural Reader and Snagit. They are both amazing productivity software solutions that will definitely assist you when you need it. Natural Reader will allow you to read emails, web, pdf or word documents when you can’t physically read the screen. And Snag it allows you to take screen shots of items on the screen very beneficial when making presentations. If this sounds like what you have been missing then these are the software solutions for you. Natural reader was very user friendly and easy to install. I was very surprised at how natural the voices sounded which was one of the major complaints I had with other text to speech style software in which I have used in the past. I think my biggest challenge with using this software was determining which version I should utilize. I tried the free version first and didn’t really like how limited it was so then I had to figure out whether or not I actually wanted to purchase the software as well as figure out if I wanted the Mac version or the Cloud version. I ultimately decided that the benefits outweighed the cost and decided on the cloud version as this allowed me to utilize the software on more devices. This software was very beneficial in allowing me to read my emails while traveling in the car utilizing their Natural Reader Cloud version. I was also able to use it to “read” my schoolbooks while on the way to work. I simply scanned the pages I needed to into a pdf version and added them to the natural reader cloud and was able have the software “read” them to me while on my way to work. This not only assisted me in being able to stay ahead but also allowed me to stay more productive because I didn’t have to take any time out of my busy schedule to stay ahead of my coursework. I even found it beneficial for reading the news in the car as I was able to load a pdf version of my local newspaper and have the app read it to me, this came in very handy in multiple situations one was in the car because I didn’t have to take my eyes of the road and was able to ensure that I got any important information in a timely and safe manner the second situation was I was able to have it read the newspaper when I was at work with a pair of headphones in so I didn’t disturb others. All in all I found it helpful and as long as you can get over the cost of $99.00 per year it is definitely worth it. I may however end up buying…