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As of right now Dell designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and sell support a wide range of products and services. The products they offer their consumers are desktop PCs, notebooks, and tablets, all with customer needs in mind. These products offer performance, manageability, design, and security. During Fiscal 2013, they enhanced their servers with features that delivered high performance and flexibility, while maximizing energy efficiency. Right now their networking solutions are designed to help companies simplify their IT environments. As well as lower data center operating costs and improve manageability in high performance computing environments.
We do not want to get rid of any of Dells performance and power efficiency. We want to broaden the type of network that they have. They are clearly more business operative and they need regular consumers too that will think of Dell as at least their 2nd choice after Apple and not their third or fourth choice. This means that they need to be more innovative with their products. Right now they are already behind and they are selling the same things that their competitors sell. They need some type of technology that will set them apart from the rest and put them higher on the innovation scale and a little lower in price to make their extended product even more enticing.
Dell does not have a wide variety of product mix or deep product lines. However, in at an event in Sydney, they talked about launching a new product line, which include the venue tablet range and the XPS 11. The XPS, available in November of 2013 will be the thinnest, most compact 2-in-1 in the world. The XPS 15 will display the highest picture resolution available on a laptop of that size. Dell also wants to refresh its award winning XPS 13 ultra book with faster processors, touch full HD (1920 x 1080) display, and improved battery life. With these three laptops Dell is leading