Timeliness And Good Attendance Record In The Workplace

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Branford Barnes
Prof Lieberman
Socio 1008
How timeliness and good attendance record in the classroom relate to success on the job During a person’s time as a student as well as their careers, there are certain qualities that hold great importance. The most important of those quality’s is timeliness
It’s absolutely the most crucial to ones success in both areas. Students who later become employees, must be on time every day. Another attribute that would be beneficial to possess is to have excellent attendance and be present as much as possible. Everyone understand the casual emergency or a sick day. And most companies allow employee’s to apply for vacation time for missing a high amount of days due to unexcused absences is unacceptable even if it’s allowed by your place of work. First impressions are extremely vital to how someone perceives you, because inside the world perception is reality and if the perception about you is that you miss to many days then that’s going to be the reality.

Arriving on time can tell so much about what kind of worker or student you are. When someone shows up tardy it makes them look sloppy, unorganized, and not serious about their work, which of course does not look good. Not only can it make seem that you are not taking your job seriously but that you don‘t value it at all or that you think that professors class is a joke, An employer or teacher will most likely take tardiness as a form of disrespect. Which is why most teachers take away classroom points for being late to or missing class. And rightfully so, students should fear the consequences of being consistently late or worse consistently missing class. Obviously if you want to succeed you need to present yourself in a way that will make your professors or your superiors at work know that you mean business. There are many ways you can improve your punctuality if your having trouble with it. I would suggest waking up earlier in the morning to make sure your on time or giving yourself an extra 30 minutes for unexpected delays. It’s always better to be early then late. The most important quality Is still timeliness if your not on time you may as well not show up as you have thoroughly embarrassed yourself by not being on time. People who are on time set themselves apart from others. If you are not there for class how can you truly understand the course material? The professor will most likely go over things that you won’t know about vital notes will be missed and classroom lectures. Being late makes you miss the important tidbits and can