Profanity and Heart Quiien Te Essay

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yeah sometimes we might get into it and feel like we should part but you know at the end of the day you got my heart quiien te di permiso de ser tu lo bueno y malo de mi vida enamorame ..quien te dio permiso? Music is my drug you-tube is my dealer You made me what I am and I learned to live without you and even though it hurts to say goodbye. I’m cool with out you the people that don’t know you have the most to say about you don’t talk shit when you don't even know me never stop making wishes

you mean more to me then what you think aunke no seaz para mi siempre estaras en mi mente nunka seraz mi pasado y siempre seraz mi presente mi otra mitad figure out your feelings before you fuck with mine fuck that niqa that you love so bad I know you still think about the times we had id rather you hurt me with the true then hurt me with a lie got issues but your messed up two explaining my love to you is like exploring the colors to a blind person funny when your dead how people start listening life is messed up but I keep my head up trust gets you killed gets you hurt...and being real gets you hated remember our love will never end and she leaned to say things with her eyes that other waste time putting in words drama is a situation girls create themselves based on jealousy just bekuz you know my name doesn’t mean you know me iv been the girl middle finger in the air, unaffected by rumors the truth I don’t care so open your mouth and stick out your tongue you might as well let go you cant take bak what you've done so find a new lifestyle a new reason to smile , there’s no reason to cry I understand girls talk behind my back .. but the thing is im real and that’s something they lack on iv may look calm but in my head iv killed you three times because of you<3 I don’t really regret my pass nothing but Lessons learned emotionally im done mentally im drained spiritually i feel dead physically I smile im the author of my own life unfortunately im writing in pen mistake I make cant be erased the only option is to turn the page and start a new chapter remember it write it down take a picture I dont qive a fuck Beauty don’t need color ... I love being with my babe through out my life I’ve been afraid of losing people I love sometimes I wonder if there is anyone out there afraid of losing me? Are love is so cute I see myself as a crayon , I may not be your favorite color, but I know that someday you will need me to complete your picture everyone has an addiction mine happens to be you I just cant imagine being with out you we smile we laugh we argue and we even disagree on things, but through it all I love you and I can't imagine going through all of this with anyone else DRAMA* is your drug && pretty much your addicted , but just to let you know ;; HATERS are my drug && your feeding my addicted I cant quite explain how I feel about you but I don't want to lose you odio k te caigas y te digan 'te caiste' no pendejo me puse a ver hormigas looking at pictures of out old pictures of me and my friend and thinking what happen to us bitch when you see me you know you ain't gone do shit sex wont make him love you and a baby wont make him stay I love being in a relationship were we could act silly together I might have erased your texts but I will never forget what you wrote we might have stopped talking but I will never forget your voice we might have stopped hugging but I will never forget how you smelled anything we did I will never forget never to nice because bitches take advantage I hate it when I’m mad at him and he makes me laugh -trust is like an eraser it gets smaller and smaller with every mistake you make bitches he's in a relationship that’s a sign