Profession Of Arms In The Army

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“The courage of a Soldier is heightened by his knowledge of his profession”. The armed forces ensures that Soldiers knowledge is developed throughout their military services. It is essential that only individuals that are mentally and physical fit are members of the military force. This is why a profession like ours is consider a calling, not a job. Throughout this paper I am going to discuss what it means to be a profession of arms in the military, what it means to be a professional Soldier in the Army.
Profession of arms For the Army to be a profession of arms Soldiers have to earn the American peoples trust, through our ethics. If this trust is lost it would be extremely hard to gain again. We are not at all magically professional, just
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You took the oath to become an American Soldier and to serve the people and lay down your life if need be, and that is something a lot of individuals cannot do. Professional Soldiers never stop educating, training, and developing themselves. Executing every self-development course that the Army offers is only going to make you a stronger leader and a smarter Soldier. It starts with our young Soldiers with aspiring careers in the military. The Army puts a lot of trust in us NCO’s to lead, grow, teach, learn and be experts in our field. Being a professional means to value your job, to desire to be the best inside your field, and to have the discipline to accomplish your duties. In the human resource role, individuals are expected to know the rules and regulations inside of the Army. Human Resource Sergeants, in the S-1 are in a position where the military heavily relies on us, to bear the responsibility to effectivity manage unit personnel readiness and being proficient to keep track of unit readiness. A good professional is a leader; a leader is someone who always tries to solve problems. To lead another Soldier you need to be dedicated to taking care of Soldiers, meaning they always should know that they can ask you a question when needing guidance. Always know that whatever they need done is going to be accomplished within a reasonable timeframe. The Army can develop some toxic leadership in order to make the change you need to be the