Professional Communition & Cultural Sensitivity Essay

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Professional Communication and Cultural Sensitivity

The United States is increasingly becoming a multiethnic, multicultural group of citizens. Life is no longer similar for all individuals. As people migrate they bring with them their cultural views, beliefs and language (Bhugra and Becker, 2005). In order to live together with respect, dignity and without prejudice for all, the country has had to educate itself on the beliefs and values of these vast cultures migrating to what they perceive as a land of opportunity whether this be for economic, education, or political reasons. For the most part in today’s world, cultural groups are intertwined in where they live, work, and attend school. To maintain a civil society, awareness
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This awareness begins by communicating with the patient and family to learn what treatment is acceptable and what we as providers can do to follow their beliefs and wishes.
The Amish and Healthcare Practice Barker (2009) defines the aspects of cultural competence as cultural autonomy, acculturation, and imposition. Cultural autonomy is to uphold ones cultural values without invoking pressure to change their views. Cultural acculturation refers to adapting to traits from another culture and cultural imposition is when one attempts to impose their values upon another. For nurses to provide culturally competent care to the Amish population they need to have a basic understanding of the beliefs and traditions. The patient and family will be the primary source of information although if internet access is available, this is an easy search that can provide the caregiver with some of the basic beliefs in order to develop a plan of care. During the interview process the nurse will need to educate the patient on the injury or illness, understand the extent of medical care the patient is willing to undergo and what the nurse can do to provide comfort during this time. Understanding the Amish strong belief in God, Amish women wear bonnets during prayer which can occur at anytime. Nurses can respect this tradition by allowing the patient to wear the bonnet or at minimum place