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Assignment 1
Exercise 1-1
I am a very outspoken and loyal individual. Most people see me as the person who loves to cheer people up because I hate to see anybody down. A few of my values are I believe in God, I always try to treat people the way I would want to be treated, and I don’t stand for any kind of discrimination what so ever. My attitude towards achieving career goals is determined I see myself being greater and I will not rest until I feel I have achieved that.
Exercise 1-2
I think that in order for Cory to deal with the negative baggage he must first stop hiding his poor choice because the past cannot be changed and everyone makes mistakes he is only human. Then he must learn to forgive himself and somehow find a way to move past it whether it is through a higher being or self. Once he has forgiven himself he should no longer allow his past to be a hindrance to his future.
Exercise 1-3
My long term career goal is to have my own business I am not sure exactly what type of business I would like to have but I know I would like to help people. First I must gain further education to achieve this goal which is why I am currently taking business classes. I am striving to be successful in whatever it is that I choose to do. I am determined to have a better life for myself and my family which is why I must make sure I am qualified if not over qualified for any position.
Exercise 1-4
A few of my short term goals include making the Dean’s list this semester this is something that is important to me because I have something to prove to myself. Being accepted to UNCG is another short term goal that I am trying to reach because I am determined to get a better education for myself. Also moving into my own apartment by the fall would allow me to reach my long term goals.
Exercise 1-5
I will make the Dean’s list when the semester ends. I hope to be accepted to UNCG before summer sessions start. I will move into my own apartment by the end of July 2013.

Assignment 1 Continued Activity 1-1 In class I learn best by using the visual method because I need to see problems worked out in from of me I feel this allows me to be more hands on. In class I have difficulty learning when the method used is auditory because I tend to lose focus if someone is simply lecturing me on a subject I will use the information provided to perform better by trying to embrace all learning methods because different teachers have different teaching methods and it is important that I adapt to my surroundings. Activity 1-2 1. Intelligent 2. Strong 3. Determined 4. Loyal 5. Trustworthy I don’t know if there are steps I need to take to make my ideal self-concept reality because I feel I am already all of these things. I know that to maintain these things I must stay focused on god and making me a better person and helping those around me. Activity 1-3 1. My surroundings/environment affects my educational behavior because if I am living home where not much is expected of me I am more likely to lose interest in education. 2. The fact that I was almost not allowed to attend college affects my educational behavior because it makes me more grateful for my education. 3. My aunt is an outside influence that affects my educational behavior because I look up to her as a role model because she has come from the same background as me and she is successful so this lets me know with an education I can become successful one day also. 4. My brothers affect my educational behavior because they are my motivation for a better life and future for them. Activity 1-4 1. My name is Courtney