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This project includes the main features in which our business proposal is calculated and finalised to introduce to Woolworths corporate social responsibilities. As discussed, our focussed aim is for Woolworths to partner with Foodbank in minimising and helping those in need. The idea is to gain donations from communities based at all Woolworths supermarkets around Australia and therefore create centres in parts of Australia that are most in need of the service we are providing. Adding onto that, it could potentially increase Woolworths profit if the right advertising and steps are taken to start up this business proposal if we appeal to people sense of justice and create the idea that shopping at Woolworths is not only benefiting the organisation, but benefiting those in need.
Our objectives involve ideas from different areas of the proposal. These areas are set firstly on a personal level, which is that we aim to develop stronger relationships with the communities, and also on a financial perspective, which involves us gaining donations successfully from our loyal customers in our stores all around the country. Other objectives that we have set involve our marketing aims and that is to offer and advertise Woolworth’s products in a way that benefits the organisations’ proposal and offer a deal that informs the consumers that if they purchase certain products, they are contributing to this cause. Considering our CSR’s, our objective in that area is the partnership with Foodbank and researching food that is capable of being donated to the people in need. Last but not least, our operational objective aims to increase our competitiveness with other stores, adding onto our already known moralities which is low cost, low interest and high consumer flows.
As Foodbank is the largest food relief organisation in Australia, and partnering up with the leading supermarkets Woolworths, it will become a powerful and resourceful output. The demographic target we will be aiming at is the younger generation from 16-40 year olds that are in need of help. Our industry campaign will pay attention to all customers and educate them on implementing this program and the benefits it will have.
Food Bank will be our main partner as they have had experience and sustainable knowledge on each of these measurements and statistics.
The strengths of the proposal were recognised as potential increase of profit and improvement of reputation towards Woolworths. Weaknesses of the project involve it being very costly to implement, but we are in hope that families will contribute to the donations needed. Opportunities that could arise from this is that we could potentially partner up and take this project international in the long run, and threats of this proposal involve the competition of other supermarkets trying to achieve the same objectives.
Other tasks that needed to be taken into consideration was the costs and benefits including investment costs, funding, managing costs and advertising costs. The expected return of this project is simply that it will give a good name to Woolworths and gain potential loyal customers in the future.

The overview of the business concept involves the expansion of Woolworth’s responsibilities, and partnership with Foodbank to provide free donated food to the unfortunate people of Australia. These people include homeless people or families in need of food. There will be free medical checks for those who attend the service for themselves and donations will operate form the Woolworths supermarkets all around Australia in which communities can choose to donate to this cause.

Our aim involves Woolworth’s donating nutritional food and charitable money to the platform Food bank that creates