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1.1 It is really important to continually improve knowledge and practice within the childcare sector. Training and courses ensure I am up to date with the latest legislations and guidelines, and also by learning new skills and gaining knowledge, this will benefit my organisation. As a room leader, it is vital for me to gain new information, as it is my job to pass on and influence the other staff to continue to maintain the high standards of care. Up to date information could also be passed on to parents, this will benefit them, and will make them feel confident in my abilities to look after their child. Learning new knowledge and skills not only benefits the organisation, but also benefits me as an individual. Learning makes me more confident in my abilities, it makes me a more positive role model to other staff members, and also makes me want to further my career.

1.2 There are many barriers to professional development, these could include;
• Lack of funding within the company
• The amount of hours the staff member works could be an issue, working a lot of hours and finding time to study could be an issue.
• Availability of courses within the area, if the member of staff doesn’t drive, relying on public transport may be difficult.
• Family commitments, having children or being a carer to an unwell relative will take up time which you may not be able to spare to go on a course or study. Especially if there are courses on on a Saturday.
• Lack of support from managers and staff, some courses require input and help from both managers and other staff. Without their support the course could be difficult to complete.
• Inadequate appraisal systems. Without appraisals, staff will not be able to reflect on their own practice and be able to improve on their weak points.
• No confidence to achieve or progress. A positive ‘can do’ attitude is needed to progress.
1.3 Sources and systems of support for continuous personal development…