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Education does not finish after getting a diploma or degree or a professional engineer’s licence. A professional needs to polish his/her skills throughout the career. Professional development is an art and understanding obtained for both personal development and occupational advancement. It comprises of all types of coaching, technical training, seminars, workshops, conferences and other learning opportunities.
Talking about engineering profession, professional development has become a mandatory subject to keep a pace with the rapid technological developments and to comprehend the ongoing sophisticated inventions, which means life-long learning has become more and more important for engineers. A regulatory body like PEO (professional engineers Ontario) has introduced code of ethics which emphasizes that it is the duty of professional engineer to have “knowledge of developments in the area of professional engineering relevant to any services that are undertaken and competence in the performance of any professional engineering services that are undertaken”. O. Reg. 48/92.
Professional development can help to maintain the dignity and honor of a profession among the society along with ensuring the competence of a professional, as well as advancement in his/her career development. It is not a voluntary act to keep one’s competence up to the mark rather it is also a legal binding on engineers to be fully aware of the new techniques and concepts for analysis and design of various projects like bridges, skyscrapers, aeroplanes, ships, etc. in which human lives and property is involved. A