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Alyssa Bartley

Professional Experience For my professional experience I listened to Carolyn Strain, a nurse practitioner at a heart failure clinic. She went to Purdue and became interested in the heart after her father had open heart surgery. Though she said that Purdue was very challenging and informative she thought the best way she learned was actual work experience.
Carolyn also spoke about what it takes to become a nurse. Not only does it take constant studying and straight A’s but also common sense and critical thinking are very crucial. The hardest part of nursing school and the experience in the hospital, in her opinion, was the terminology. Often times doctors and nurses who have been doing their jobs for many years have anagrams for certain medical treatments that you may not go over in school. Carolyn had not always just been a nurse practitioner. She told us her story of going from a hospital, to working in an office, to being a staff nurse, to going back to an office in an oncology clinic, and then finally getting her masters at IUPUI for three years, to becoming what she is today at the heart clinic. The main goal at the heart clinic is to manage non recommission. Not only does this mean they’ve successfully treated someone but if they have to come back within 30 days the doctors and nurses don’t get paid as much.
To me the most interesting part of her speech was when she began talking about the
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