Professional Philosophy of a Teacher Essay

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Professional Philosophy
I believe that the Teacher’s duty is to encourage and foster the hunger for knowledge. Teaching children in the early years of their schooling is an incredible responsibility because you are giving them the knowledge that they will base the rest of their education upon. Children should be sent onto the next grade with a full grasp of the content that they will need to succeed in their next level of education. Every child can learn! The teacher needs to be willing to tailor the lessons at times for children who might have special education requirements or who are having trouble comprehending a concept. The teacher should make sure that each child is able to grasp each lesson with the best of their ability. Lessons should be presented incorporating technology, art, and music. Early education teachers should familiarize their class with simple computer knowledge and ability. Integrating technological components into early education helps those children to feel more comfortable in using technology that will be required for them to know how to operate in the future. Art can be a great tool in a teacher’s arsenal of educational go-to’s. Art activities can help strengthen and develop young children’s fine motor skills. Teachers who use art activities in the class room can help encourage creative thinking by using art as a teaching tool. Music is also a useful teaching resource, integrating music into the classroom helps children retain learned information when they sing an educational song about what they have learned or are learning about. When technology, art, and music are all