Professional Plan Essay

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Professional Plan
Charlene Hemphill
Bryant & Stratton College
COMM150: Introduction to Information Literacy
Ms. Johnson
March 29, 2011

ABSTRACT Making a professional plan means preparing for a future career. The three careers that were chosen for this assignment of a professional plan are food service management, marketing management, and accountants. I choose food service management because I would love to own my own restaurant. Owning my own restaurant has always been a dream of mine and it is a goal that I would soon accomplish. I choose marketing management because it has a lot to do promotion and sales and managing over my own department of marketing. I choose accountant because it has a lot to do with finances and managing
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“The National Restaurant Association Education Foundation” awards (FMP) managers who achieve a qualifying score on a written examination, complete a series of courses that cover a range of food service management topics, and meet standards of work experience in the field. Although not necessary for advancement, voluntary certification can provide recognition of professional competence for managers who get most of their skills on the job.
Willingness to relocate is very essential for advancement to position with greater responsibilities. Managers advance to larger or more prominent management position within restaurant chains; some managers may open their own food service restaurant or franchise operation (“Food service managers”, 2010, p. 7)
In 2008, food service managers held about 338,700 jobs, majority of managers are salaried, but 42 percent are self- employed as owners of independent restaurants or small food service establishments.
As a food service manager, employment is expected to grow about 5 percent in the business industry, employment growth is vary by industry and most new jobs will be in full-service restaurant. Self-employment of a restaurant will establish nearly 40 percent of new jobs (“Food service managers”, 2010, P. 7, 8). The earning for median annual wages of a food service manager of a full service restaurant is $49,420 (“Food service managers”, 2010, p. 8)

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