Essay on Professional Presence

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January 12, 2016


What does it mean to be human, and how do we as nurses provide care to our patients? According to Jean Watson “The future of nursing is tied back to Nightingales sense of calling guided by a sense of commitment and covenantal ethic of human service; cherishing our phenomena, our subject matter and those we serve. It is when we include caring and love in our work and our life we discover and affirm that nursing, like teaching is more than just a job but a life giving and life receiving career for a lifetime of growth and learning” (Watson, J. 1978). There have been many different
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In order to be an effective nurse I can’t look at just their physical ailments but also their mental and spiritual suffering. If in the healthcare field physical ailments were the only cure patients would be just treated with medicine and surgery. When I take care of patients I treat them as a whole person. In my nursing along with doing a preliminary assessment labs and vitals. I just listen to my patient concerns and be empathetic to them and their family. “Clinical Empathy involves an ability to understand the patient’s situation, perspective and feelings” (Mercer, S.W. & Reynolds, W.J. 2002). By practicing my nursing in this way I can learn what my patients’ needs are and be proactive in their care. I recently took care of a young native American man with chest pain. He was young, but had relapsed from meth. While drawing his labs, doing an initial assessment, and EKG to address his physical needs. I was having a conversation with him During the course of our conversation he explained to me that he has used meth after being clean and sober for a year. He then went on to explain all the other stressors that were going on in his life. He was recently separated from his wife and she was in North Dakota and he came out to Washington to find himself. He was also busy helping