Professional Presence Unit 7 Assignment DIVERSITY Essay

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Brittni Ader
Kaplan University
CS204: Professional Presence
Unit 7 Assignment
March 22nd, 2015

There are many different ways that a cultural mix in the legal profession can help you to better yourself and become a better professional from understanding the different types. To be an efficient paralegal it would be very wise to gain skills in cultural engagement by developing knowledge of the different cultures. This can help a paralegal to better understand and approach cases in a better way from the different types of perspectives. If a paralegal or any professional in the legal career world can argue the law from different views of cultures, this can be an essential part of our responsibility to serve our clientele. Effective knowledge of cultures will help you to better understand your different types of employees, employers, and clientele and give you a better understanding of the facts and surroundings of the legal matter. With a growing multicultural environment, it is very crucial for a legal professional to incur effective relationships with their co-workers and clients and gasp their needs. This could mean culturally too. Having a great understanding of both your employees and clientele base would create an effective workplace and help to communicate better with one another. It can also help you to gain the trust of others. Multicultural knowledge in the workplace will also help a person to understand and see the differences and similarities between a professional and a client. This will help the professional to get a better understanding of the case and help them to figure out the best way to help that specific client. Some benefits of diversity in a workplace with different cultures would be the success and competitiveness and the ability to embrace the different cultures and learning ways. With the different cultures in the legal world, this can provide a workforce that will give may different solutions to problems that occur. It can also help to bring different talents or experiences for different ideas to possibly adapt to that surrounding or change in clientele demands. With gaining different multicultural skills, this can ultimately help an individual or a workplace to provide services to clientele based on a global basis. Diversity and cultural differences can also inspire a person to have higher expectations and a higher drive force to do their job to the best of their ability or knowledge. Flexibility is also another great key to have when working in a multicultural environment. Adapting to a multicultural environment is very important for any person. This is important when dealing with any situation that has nothing to do with our own beliefs. This will help to ensure your coworkers or clientele that you are not judging them and therefore gain the trust of others around you. It’s very important to not judge a person depending on their religion, race, as well as their personal qualities and values they portray. As there are so many different ways that multicultural differences can be a positive influence in the workplace, there can also be challenges in the workplace. No matter what we do there will always be some kind of challenge in the workplace with the different types of cultures. Communication is one of them. With languages being different it is hard to overcome this challenge. Some kind of diversity program should be set in place, like most places, to help a person to succeed. Resistance to change is another common challenge. If a person is absolutely comfortable in their cultural ways, it is harder for them to accept the fact that there are different ways to go about a situation. If a person can truly grasp that change is always happening and be open to the idea of new