Professional Presence and Influence Essay

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Professional Presence and Influence
Bergetter Harper
Western Governor’s University

Professional Presence and Influence
I’m focusing on the mind/body/spirit health model. I consider myself a spiritual person and I rely on my relationship with God through prayer to help me make the right decision, not only in my personal life, but in my professional life as well.
Professional Presence
Models of Health and Healing The mind/body/spirit health model is the most interesting health model for me because I believe and depend on a higher power. Era III is the one of the most interesting era’s in health and healing because technology has come a long way in helping our society deal with getting rid of diseases. It has integrated science and
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I had to be her advocate and really insist that the Doctor do something to help her. He finally called her mental health professional and got her psych medicine back on board. The patient was very grateful that I intervened and spoke up on her behalf.
Influence on Nursing Practice In my area of nursing, we generally concentrate on fixing what’s wrong with the physical body and the mind and or spirit is not addressed at all unless or until the patient comes forward with a mental concern. I agree with the western medicine philosophy, but am open the other philosophies of medicine. I like the holistic approach and some of the Chinese remedies. Traditional Chinese medicine states “being human means being whole, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually”. According to the text; resourceful nurses thrive in a broad ecosystem that nourishes and supports creativity and channels it into innovation that eventually changes practice within the discipline. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use herbal medicine and various mind and body practices, such as acupuncture and tai chi to treat or prevent health problems. I like the tai chi and gi gong methods because they are not medications and are not ingested in any way. Tai chi and gi gong are practices that combine specific movements or postures,