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Running Head: Professional Presence and Influence 1.

Professional Presence and Influence

Lisa Carson

Western Governors University

Professional Presence 2.

Healing and health services are defined and acted upon in many different ways in the world today. Although in the United States we predominately focus on biomedicine or conventional health care practice, it is only one of many different types of healing. Thru time we have progressed between several different eras of healing. The first era being in the 1860’s which predominately looked at biomedicine type therapy. The second era taking shape in the 1950’s and
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Patients do not want to be a statistic they want someone to sit and talk and look at the big picture instead of quickly writing a prescription

Professional Presence 4.

to solve the problem. It empowers the patient to make life changes to be involved in their care instead of sitting back and waiting for a disease to happen. In recent years it has become over whelming clear that one flaws of the US health deliver system is its focus on the acute care, which goes hand in hand with the biomedicine model. Only a fraction of the US expenditure is spent on prevention and health promotion. This has given help to rise to the Integrative model. Allowing it to emerge as a cost effective remedy that can patch holes in the current health delivery system while keeping medical costs at bay. (Wang, 2011)

In today’s healthcare setting it is very easy as healthcare professional to form views and opinions based on our own life experiences. Over the years I have seen myself evolved into someone who believes in mind and body healing instead of conventional medicine. I have seen the over stressed over worked patient who has not cared for their spiritual side and has worn it down allowing disease to overcome them. I have seen Cancer patients with positive strong beliefs in taking care of