Essay Professional Project Part A1

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Introduction 1.1 introduction
Learning is the process of understanding knowledge in different form such as visual, written, verbal and implementation of an act. Learning is also important to the development of people in different stages to be competitive in this fast growing business environment. On the focus, for individuals to identify their competiveness he/she should understand their strengths and weakness to develop a brighter future career path.
In section A, different types of learning styles will be introduced to discover the learning style which suits a person the most enable to have effective learning
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(Paul Bright).

The most preferred roles is Co-ordinator, this role’s main focus is on people, and they can be a good chairperson, clarifies goals easier and promotes the decision-making. The secondly preferred role is Shaper, this type of team role like take up challenges and has courage to overcome obstacles and good at handling pressure. According to my personality and my life experience I like to face a lot of new challenge which could take me to a higher level in term of knowledge and also other skills and I like to clarify the goal when doing each project enable to lead a team in a right direction due to goal and objectives are like directions to get to a finish point in a race. In my view to have a effective team everyone should contribute their view about what they are doing and the purpose of being in the team therefore I like to lead group discussion whenever having group project to ensure everyone in the group has clear instruction to have a good project work.

Honey and Mumford TYPE | Score | Activist | 18 | Reflector | 16 | Theorist | 11 | Pragamist | 11 |
According to the result, my most preferred style is as an activist. I like to enjoy the presence and a open minded person to accept different thought from different types of people to understand the world in