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Professional Regulation and Criminal Liability
Suzanne Feeley
HCS/430 Legal Issues in Health Care: Regulation and Compliance
July 12, 2015
Christie Artuso

Regulation and Criminal Liability When it comes to the health care field, as professionals we pick that nurses have a huge part in the health care field. There are so many different complaints that do occur throughout the of health care field. With the responsibility of the nurses it is to make sure that all of their patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their time when they are at the health care facility being seen. In a day in the health care facility, when it comes to your day things can become very hectic for the health care workers. Patients are always observing their surroundings in the health care facility. They make sure that laws are being followed, and their health care is taken care. Patients do listen to what is being said about them and around them. Patients do look for unethical actions around them. What is important as a health care worker to make sure to maintain professionalism at all times when working in a health care facility. It is important for nurses in any health care facility is to maintain professionalism, how to treat each patient with care, concern, and to make sure that their health is in good condition. Patients are already concerned about their health; stressed out about their health conditions. Patients don't need to be concerned about if their health care worker is doing the best to take care of them. Each year there have been several complaints that are process against the health care worker's for several reasons, such as someone may say there was the unethical treatment or there were incorrect verbal use of words. The health care field which part of it is known for a lot of complaints is the long-term care division. In the long-term care division, patients and their families often complain that they didn't get the services when they needed, and they complain that they are often neglected by the nurses. When it comes down to neglect, it isn't considered whether or not if the health care facility does not provide the type of diaper or incontinent product that the patient prefers. It would be neglect when the health care worker is not changing their incontinent or letting the patient lay in soiled sheets. Providing good services to their patients as well as their families is not only very important do to ethical behavior, it also sets the reputation for the health care facility. If a healthcare facility receives a bad review, constant complaints, the are possibilities for their future funding for Medicare and Medicaid will be revoked from their facility. If a patient or the patient's family believes that a nurse is providing services that are unethical, unsafe or is in violation of nursing or nursing-related law or rule. It is vital that the nurses file's a written and signed complaint form describing the unprofessional actions the health care worker. Once a complaint form is submitted it is then reviewed to determine if the nurse is at fault for violating their duties. Actions such as hitting, slapping, verbal words and threats would be considered abuse by the patient, which is not tolerated. There are other actions that are not to tolerate in the health care field are boundary violations, sexual misconduct, drug-related issues, and fraud. (Council of State Board of Nursing, 2015). If the circumstances are found that the nurse had committed any misconduct a full investigation is enforced including evidence is gathered, and interviews are conducted. Typically the regulatory division conducts an investigation consists of interviewing the person processing the complaint, the licensee, and additional co-workers. "After an investigation is completed, the board of nursing (BON) reviews all the investigative data and determines whether or not a violation of the nurse practice act occurred. The board of nursing