Professional Responsibilities In Sport

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Clubs or coaches must have insurance to cover for their equipment, staff, participants and facilities. Their insurance cover should be up to date and risk assessments should be put in place for every activity. If a participant is injured during a session then it is the club/coaches responsibility to make sure first aid is available and that they are ok. If the guidelines that are put in place are not met and followed then it can be classed as neglect. For example Morton Mitchel, they are an insurance company that specialise in insurance for children in sports from the age of 3-18. They cover the insurance for the facilities, equipment, clothing and legal expenses.

Most clubs or coaches have insurance in order to cover their equipment, staff, players and facilities. To claim something their insurance must always be up to date and it is the law to always have their insurance up to date.

Professional Conduct

Coaches and staff in sports should act as role models and behave appropriately as this can have an effect of the participants. Especially younger participants and they model themselves on their coach. A good coach must have a number of key skills, for example organisation, good communication skills such as using appropriate language and not using slang. They must be well presented i.e. clean and well dressed. Also they must have a wide range of ideas for sessions and a vast knowledge in sport. Furthermore they must have up to date qualifications and be respectful to the opposition, participants and to the staff. There must be no sexist or racist acts involved in his or her sessions or matches.

As a coach they must promote fair play for example cheating to give them an extra advantage over the opposition. For example in football participants might dive to win a foul or completely faking something that