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Professional Roles Running head: Professional Roles and Values


Professional Roles and Values Jennifer Kelso, RN Western Governor’s University

Professional Roles


Professional Roles and Values The nurse supervisor has the responsibility of coaching all of her staff members in the importance of utilizing her team members to provide the most holistic care for patients. As a nurse supervisor it is important to recognize when a team member is struggling with this concept and to provide the proper leadership and mentoring so that the most best possible patient outcomes can be consistently realized. The nurse supervisor must provider leadership and confidence to try to guide her staff in utilizing available resources to achieve
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Problem solve with Ms. W in a supportive and open-minded manner regarding various resources the clinic has available to help this patient. Arrange to have a clinic meeting with the other members of the staff and discuss Ms. R’s circumstances and have each team member discuss what they bring to the table to help this patient. It is important that the nurse supervisor try to help Ms. W

Professional Roles understand that there is support available to help her care for Ms. R and that acknowledging and utilizing the other team members in the clinic will not only help lessen the load on Ms. W, but will also provide more comprehensive care to Ms. R. Responsibility Ms. W has a responsibility to understand that when she delegates tasks to other staff in the clinic that she is doing so appropriately and safely. When Ms. W delegates any form of the patient’s care it is important that Ms. W recognize that she is legally responsible to ensure that the person that she delegated the task to is competent. Ms. W must make sure that she is delegating the right task, under the right circumstances, to the right person under the right directions with the right supervision (Anthony & Vidal, 2010). It is important that Ms. W consider the financial implications of delegation and whether she is being a good steward of clinic resources (Weydt, 2010). A nurse needs to be aware of the cost of services and supplies and to always strive to not be wasteful with