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Professional Mission Statement
Western Governor’s University
Lindsey Isdahl

Mission Statement
Here at the facility we promote quality safe care of all our patients through our well trained staff to treat each individual physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Part A
A board of nursing (BON) is the enforcement of licensure, education standards, and laws and regulations to ensure patient care and safety and usually occur at the state level.
Professional nursing associations (PNA) can be at a state or national level and is an organization to bring nurses together to promote quality care and measures through observation, experience, education and research.
Both the BON and PNA affect my career as a nurse. Every two years I am
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Compassionate care provides dignity and integrity to the patient.
Part D. Florence Nightingale’s created one of the first theories in nursing, on environmental adaptation. This theory looks at the environment surrounding the patient and how it affects the patients healing process. The environmental adaptation theory looks at things like: noise, diet, light, and mainly cleanliness (Cherry, 2011). Cleanliness is a large part of preventing nosocomial infections in the hospital. Every room is cleaned and sanitized after use, gloves are used for any personal cares, and enteric and droplet precautions are put in place when a patient carries a risk for transmission of a disease. Proper hand washing is to be completed before work, when coming into contact with bodily fluid or chemical, and after work. Hand sanitizer is also placed at the door of every room to be used when leaving and entering a patient’s room. These are some of the routine measures taken to prevent infection.

Part E.
Virginia Henderson was nurse that concentrated on nurse education and research spent five years helping revise the textbook, The Principles and Practice of Nursing in 1955, to adjust for improvements in patient care, use of antibiotics, and shorter hospital stays. Virginia created 14 activities for client assistance mean to focus not only on the disease but the whole individual including mind and spirit (Gonzalo, 2011; Halloran, 2015). Healthcare is really