Essay about Professional Values

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Professional Nursing Values

Yvonne Simms


Undergraduate Nursing Studies

April 29, 2010

Joseph DeCostanza

Professional values are the foundation for practice; they guide interactions with client, colleagues, other professionals, and the public, by providing the framework for commitment to the Welfare of others. They are also belief or ideas to which an individual is committed and which are reflected in patterns of behavior. Institute of medicine (2000). In this article, I will define Altruism, Autonomy, Human Dignity, Integrity, and Social Justice. I will also identify how these values are demonstrated in our every day lives by other nurses and myself. According to Dougherty (1992) “Altruism is a concern
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I also am polite, understanding and culturally aware.

Integrity is acting in accordance with an appropriate code of ethics and accepted standards of practice. Integrity is reflected in professional practice when the nurse or health care professional is honest and provides care based on an ethical framework that is accepted within the profession. Nurses demonstrate this value by providing honest answers and information to client and the public; documenting care accurately and truthfully. Seek and remedy errors made by self or others and demonstrate accountability for own actions and those of other health care team members. I demonstrate this value by being honest, caring and trustworthy. I show empathy and speak to clients respectfully. I make sure to establish and maintain a healthy working relationship with clients and within the interdisciplinary team. I delegate task, advocate for my patients and maintain the standard of nursing practice.

Social Justice is upholding moral, legal, and humanistic principles. This value is reflected in professional practice when health care provides work to assure equal treatment under the law and equal access to qualify health care. Social justice also includes personal qualities such as courage, integrity, objectivity and it can be reflected in acting as a health care advocate. Nurses demonstrate this value