Professional Video Gaming Essay

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Professional Video Gaming
Nowadays, many people play video games, so the video game market is growing. In the article, “Video Gamers,” Seth Schiesel explains almost 50 million people enjoy playing video games in South Korea. The huge amount of people is gathering video gaming rooms, which are called PC bangs, everyday. Many young children want to be professional video gamer. Many video games are released everyday, and people are playing it. Some people believe that playing video games is a sport, and the others think that it is useless. However, professional video gaming should be considered a sport.
First of all, playing video games is a mentally competitive activity. Sport is a physical and metal activity that people compete and enjoy. People compete with each other in the games. Although they can play with computer, they prefer to play with others, and they analyze the games to play catch-up. In addition, there are many video gaming leagues and tournaments. A great number of teams challenge to become a winner. They practice with their passion and effort; for example, if one hopes to win a video game tournament, he or she should practice the game several months or years. Moreover, video gaming is a mental activity because gamers do not play only with their skills, but they also need appropriate strategies. The situation is changing every second in one game, so gamers have to think right plan in every moment. Schiesel also states many young professional gamers are trying to catch-up Lim who is the most famous gamer in South Korea, but he said that experience could cover the mistakes. Video gaming is not only competitive activity, but it is also strategic process.
Professional video gamers have similar characteristics as athletes. They practice playing video games everyday the same as other athletes. They have their own training schedule; for instant, Lim gets up 10 a.m. he eats breakfast, and play games from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. At 5:30 p.m. he goes to the gym for work out about one and half hour. Then he comes to home and play games until midnight. After 1 a.m. he can go to sleep. Many young people idolize video gamers. Schiesel also