Professionalism In Physical Therapy

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Professionalism in the practice of physical therapy is the quality that underlies all other aspects of physical therapy. Someone may have the most skilled hands or possess the most knowledge, but without professionalism, these things mean nothing. The way a PT interacts with fellow healthcare professionals, a patient’s family, and most importantly, the patient, ultimately determines the success of the patient's rehabilitation process. Above all, my ultimate goals as a PT include being able to view a patient holistically and to go above and beyond to ensure that patients have the best opportunity for a healthier quality of life. Professionalism is about having compassion and empathy towards any patient’s situation and digging deeper to ensure that they have the best opportunity to succeed, both during,and after the rehabilitation process. I have had opportunities to work with a variety of patients suffering from persistent physical disabilities to mental disorders and have learned that each person’s needs, are unique to them. I have also learned that a patient’s success is not only dependent on the rehabilitation process itself, but also the relationship that the patient has with the …show more content…
The practice of physical therapy is not just about being competent in one's skills, but ultimately utilizing the appropriate approach in which those skills are applied towards the greater goal of treating a patient and having an openness to grow in the profession. From an elderly man experiencing shoulder pain to an adolescent going through growing pains, everyone has the right to a better quality of life. As a physical therapist, it will be my goal to continue to be a lifelong learner so that all patients, I have the opportunity to work with, will have the best chance to a better quality of