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Federalists vs. Anti-federalists
It’s true; men aren’t angels, they can be selfish and have their own interests at heart. However, the sole purpose for having representatives is to help decide the best interests for the country based off the people’s needs. Representatives are also primarily used to balance the powers, for if the government made all the decisions for the country then the government would have too much power. Also, Madison states that without checks and balances there would be “anarchy”. Therefore, Madison adequately defends that by having a representative democracy with checks and balances will eliminate the negative effects of factions while keeping our liberty.
Factions are everywhere and they will always be everywhere unless we were willing to give up our liberty. So since we will not give up liberty and we cannot remove them then the only way to deal with them is to change the “EFFECT” of them. To do that we will need, what Madison says,”a chosen body of citizens whose wisdom may best discern the true interest for the country” these citizens will act as a medium so no one faction can decide the best interest for the country. These select people will be representatives who will represent the people.

Madison says, “Separation of powers is essential to liberty “. Therefore, without the use of representatives, we will never find a place where there are no factions but still liberty because people will always have a difference in opinions. Sure, men are not angels, for if they were angels, “there would be no need for a government. “ Madison says; but representatives are a chosen group of justice loving citizens who will least likely throw justice away for their own needs. They are used as a medium so they can decide the best interest for the country so that no biased views determine what this country does. “Ambition must be made to counteract ambition.” Madison says. So how would we counteract our government? We would have to separate it into parts making each part control the other part while as a whole controlling the country. Therefore, defining checks and balances. Without it