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Madison Healthplex Performance Center
It is time to start my workout routine at about 5 o’clock in the evening. I feel nervous walking up to the Healthplex Performance Center, but I’m about to be back at my comfort zone. I have a natural feel that comes to me as I enter the glass doors. The sight of people working out on numerous machines and free weights gives me motivation towards my goal. It is an awesome place to educate you for learning the techniques and exercises. The Healthplex Performance Center influences me by being the place to go relax and ease stresses, making me feel healthier both physically and mentally.
People usually go to the Healthplex after a long day of work if they are sleepy, or if they just feel like going to workout. Students usually go straight after school to the Healthplex Performance Center. I usually go about an hour later because I live near the facility. Since I am in close distance, I can enjoy a little snack before I go start to workout. I start my workout routine by stretching out and getting a rack ready to do my first exercise. When I am stretched and warmed up, I tell the spotter I am ready to start. With people chattering around me, music playing from their headphones, and weights hitting the floor, I lie down on the bench. I comfort my hands on the barbell and engage in my benching exercise. I go on to the cardio side after working out for about an hour. Examining the lifters, I wondered why the weights of the Healthplex are located on this particular side of the building. I received an answer when I asked William Holley (personal trainer); he stated, “Back in my day there was only lightweight dumbbells, no free weights, no barbell benches, and each place only had a certain type of workout supplies. Members had to walk from place to place getting their workouts done because there were only four different places that they could go,” he told me. Personally, I think that members at the Healthplex Performance Center suggested it would be better if the weights were put up front so that it could be shown to the future members. People running on treadmills wanted that action to be made because that part of the weight room used to be half of a stretching area, but there was not participation in it. The final decision was to incorporate and show the movement by putting the weight room there instead. At first, it was not fascinating when I was observing the weight room. All types of members started coming in to workout as time went on. A few surely seemed to be into lifting, doing each workout with as much weight as they could while groaning and grumbling. Then, there were members that workout lightly by lifting enough to feel themselves breaking a good sweat and their muscles being worked. Finally, some members would go in for an easy workout, doing as little a workout by stretching the muscles, and getting the heart rate going by cardio exercises. At the end of my experience, it was very intriguing to see all the different people, different workouts,