Profile Essay

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Shannon McKeon
English 102- Profile Paper (Revision)
March 2, 2011

A Hug From 5,006 Miles away, and across the Atlantic Ocean

Never judge a book by its cover. This saying has been the inspiration that lies behind getting to know Krystyna Ruzhytska. We all learn about people who come to America looking for a better lifestyle. We have all learned the stories of those who have traveled to a different place and sacrificed everything, in order to rebuild a new life. These stories are lacking of much emotional depth, until given the opportunity meet an individual who is currently in the working stages of building that American Life. Krystyna Ruzhytska has come to America all the way from Europe. The name of the town of where she is
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At this time, she was only eighteen, and was working and going to school full time, so finances were always a concern. She had no free time to go and meet new friends because being on her own at only eighteen was time consuming. Luckily, she was able to form a bond with, her now boyfriend of a while, Rollie Tappa. She was lucky to find a partner who gave her what she lost when her other up and left the life the two of them had in America together. Krystyna described him in so many words as being the emotional and financial support she lost. Rollie gives personal emotion to the life he leads with Krystyna, and to the things that stand in their way, “Krystyna has been my rock for the past year. Things get hard because we are both starting college, and are so young. She supports us both by paying for the apartment we moved into. Even though she works demanding hours, while still in school, she still finds time to have a good time with our friends, doing the things we both love” ( R.Tappa, personal interview, February 20, 2011). Krystyna currently works at Qdoba Mexican Grill as a shift manager, and has been working here for about two years. Krystyna often times found it hard to put up with people in the restaurant environment, and putting up with the pay that she is entitled to. She had positive and negative feedback of the job she is currently working, “It looks good on my future resume