An Incident That Caused You To Grow Up

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Devin Johnson
English 110-9
Mr. Moore

An Incident That Caused You To Grow up

As I was being awaken from my deep sleep by the alarm on my phone, my grandmother also came in my room to get me started. My Grandmother was here visiting from Mississippi during this time to watch over me and help my mother get well. She reminded me to take out the trash and be home promptly after school to go see my mother in the hospital. Like most days, I didn’t feel like going to school but i did look forward to visiting my mother later that day. She had been having problems with her stomach and had to be hospitalized the week prior to my Grandmother coming. As I begun my walk to the bus stop all I could think of was my mother. It was my junior year in Bayside High School. I was sitting in my last block anxiously waiting for 2 o’clock when suddenly the bell rang, it was the end of the school day and we all were running to catch our buses home. I had just arrived to my bus when I received a phone call from an unknown telephone number. Initially, I denied the call because I do not answer for numbers that I do not know. This particular number continued to call, even after the several times I ignored, so I finally answered. “Hi is this Devin Johnson?” said the voice on the other end. To my surprise it was an older white woman that said she was DEA for Virginia’s commonwealth. Immediately I sunk into my seat frightened of what she may have said to me next. The time was now 2:22 pm and I was walking home from the bus stop. The hot rays from the sun beamed on me as if I was standing in one place. The detective I was still on the phone with insisted of speaking with an adult about the purpose of her calling. When I arrived in the house I gave my grandmother the phone and they began to talk. I waited nervously to see what was the purpose of this mysterious phone call. My grandmother politely ended the call and gazed at me with an emotionless face as she hung up the phone. “Devin you are getting charges pressed against you,” was the first thing she said to me. I looked at her desperately and asked for more details but she had none for me. Obliged to let my mother know the situation I was now faced with, we got into the car and drove to the hospital that was keeping my mother. Little to my knowledge the Detective was aware of where my mother was and met us there. She walked into my mother’s room with a black skirt, white blouse, black heels, and black over coat. I still remember her long beaked nose, long flowing dirty blonde hair, and her cold, devilish grin. She walked in, introduced herself, and began informing us all on why I was being charged. “A concerned parent called us to investigate the true age of your son Devin, because he seems too old to par take in sexual activity of a 16 year old.” she had told my mother. My face dropped as well as my heart as my mother stared at me with the most disappointing look I had ever seen in my life. My mother assured her I was a minor and would have no contact with girl again. Once satisfied the Detective left assuring nothing will happen to me, and I told my mother about the young girl and that she had lied to me about her age but had been to the house on occasions. As days went on my mother progressed and returned back home where she belonged and was missed. On this particular Thursday afternoon I had just got home from school and my mother informed the state of Virginia picked up the case and was trying me in court. A petition was issued for my arrest but my attorney suggested that I turn myself in, so I did. It was now Friday morning and I was being transferred from the courthouse to the Juvenile Detention Center. As I sat in the back of the police car with the cuffs locked on my wrist I felt like a felon, I was hurt mentally and emotionally. Upon my arrival to my cell block I had to take a shower and take off my civilian clothes under strict supervision. I never felt more out of