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Amela Muhovic
English Composition
Observation Essay
September 15, 2013 BARNES & NOBLES
Walking up to the opening dark mahogany double doors the aroma of crisp pages, fresh coffee, and pastries filled my nose and enticed my taste buds. ‘Go your own way’ by Fleetwood Mac is playing softly in the background As I start browsing from section to section, I look around and see people of all different ethnicities, races, and ages. Most of them are browsing, some are on their laptops and others are simply just lounging around listening to music on their iPods' and drinking coffee. All around me I am surrounded by hundreds of thousands of books, from children's story tales to Shakespearean literature.

As I made my way through the jungle of books I noticed how all the sections are arranged by their genres and alphabetized accordingly. In the back is a section for children and I can't help myself but to sit down at the rounded table surrounded by chairs as fluffy as marshmallows topped with puzzles and colorful leggos. After exploring most of the store I made my way to the tables located near the three large windows illuminated with warm sunlight, and found that there were less people there than usual for a Monday night. I sit down, make myseld The man to my right is an odd looking man wearing oversized clothing who seems to enjoy reading based on the assortment of books he has scattered around him. Right now he is reading a book entitled "Burn," he appears to be really interested in what he's reading because he has had his eyes glued to the pages for hours now. There is a group of girls happily flipping through the pages of wedding books, it seems as if they are planning a wedding as they talk about the assortment of flowers the bride wanted in her bouquet. The man to my slight left has a bushy black beard with a streak of grey hair parting the beard down the middle with a slight gloom filling his face as he reads a school textbook, highlighting a few things here and there as he goes. There are a couple of people sitting on the couch next to him, one of the girls is on her laptop although I cannot see what she is doing, her fingers are moving swiftly across the keyboard busily typing. The lady next to her is reading a book entitled "The Big Book of Dirty Jokes" while she sits there and giggles politely to herself, I couldn't help but to