Profile Of Social Media

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Hello All,

My name is Keaton Payne, I work for a marketing company that is looking for guerilla marketers. We need passionate, highly motivated, individuals in your area. You have got to be able to continuously get better each day. Are you familiar with social media? Do you have friends who also like social media sites? If so, then you have the potential to make substantial money. The trendy saying is, “Time is money” and this is very true with our company. The more time you invest, the larger your return on your investment will be. We are offering the ability to be a part of a marketing firm at an early stage. Life is all about noticing a great opportunity and milking that cow until the next great opportunity presents itself. My friends, this is your opportunity.
* Creating a network of contacts * Professionally handling your contacts * Continuing to grow, and become more successful. * It is important to notice quickly, what is working and continue to adopt these activities. * Educating your end-user as to why they should be onboard * Be professional in all aspects of your job * Keeping yourself accountable, as well as your future clients
What we will do for you * Properly train you to become successful, while providing new ideas to help you. * Meet with you to discuss ways to improve business * Be available to talk, text, email etc. * Handsomely pay you for your efforts * Work your own hours