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Aliccia Griffin
Composition 1
Mr. Sykes
November 09, 2013

Adrian’s Life Adrian is a nineteen year old girl, skinny, brown skin, with long hair; Adrian is from Portsmouth, VA she attended Virginia state university fall 2012. Adrian is handicapped, but she doesn't act like she is, and she certainly don’t want to be treated in a special way. Her sisters are her hero’s, because her mother and father were never there for her. Adrian wanted to change everything bad that happened to her, and she wasn’t a popular teen, so she always got picked on. As a child life wasn’t easy for Adrian. Adrian mother was raped at a young age and she got pregnant with Adrian. It was too late to get an abortion, so her mother had to keep the baby. When Adrian’s’ mother went for her checkups she found out she was HIV positive. Adrian’s father was found not guilty, because the only evidence they had was that they both were HIV positive. Adrian didn’t know much about her father; all she knew was he raped her mother and didn’t go to jail.
The saddest day of her childhood was when social services took her and her sisters from her mother. When social services went to her house they told Adrian “come with us your mommy need a little break so she can get herself together”. Social services said that her mother was unfit. They gave her three months to get herself together but she didn’t, so she had to stay with her aunt in Norfolk, VA. Griffin 2
Adrian’s childhood hero was her older sisters and aunt. Adrian was the youngest of her sisters’. Her sisters’ was always there for her and they gave her everything she needed if her aunt couldn’t. Adrian’s aunt was older than her mother, she had 4 kids of her own, and her job didn’t pay that well so they were struggling. Adrian’s aunt had got her sisters a job at KFC but Adrian was too young to work, so her sister took care of her. Adrian’s sisters and aunt were her childhood hero’s because they was like a mother she never had. Adrian said her is her hero because aunt because she didn’t have to let them stay there. One night, Adrian was with her best friend and they met some boys to smoke. Adrian’s best friend was also drinking with them; they were just “Turning up”. Somebody called Adrian and told her to wait for them to get there because the boys were drunk and didn’t need to drive. One of the boys wanted to go to the store, so Adrian and her best friend rode with them. Adrian didn’t feel like waiting so she got in the car anyways. The boy was speeding and Adrian kept telling him to slow down, but he didn’t listen. When they were crossing the train tracks a car hit them so hard that they flipped three times; and Adrian flew out the back windshield
Adrian best friend didn’t call the police she tried to run and leave Adrian to die, but she passed out. The boy wasn’t hurt like Adrian was they only had little marks, but Adrian was the only sober one and she got hurt. Adrian was rushed to the hospital; they had