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People rely on computers each and every day. They play an important role in our day to day life. There are a lot of people that contributed with the developments of computers. One of them is Steve Jobs. He created a company called Apple. He was also known as inventor and innovator. Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco. He was put up for adoption and adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs. At early age, his parents noticed the he has an exceptional brain. He went to Monta Loma Elementary School. The school officials noticed that he had exceptional test scores and recommended to skip to grades. His parents refused to let him skip two grade levels but agreed to skip one. When he reached high school he was introduced to another whiz kid named Steve Wosnak. They both played a big role in each other’s life. Jobs attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon but later dropped out. He took a few courses here and there, such as calligraphy. He started a job in Atari but later traveled in India in the early 70’s and six months later came back in United States. He acquired a strong belief in Zen Buddhism. Sander (2012) wrote, stated that “Steve Jobs was a follower of Zen, and Zen is all about attaining enlightenment, and feeling whole, through the wisdom of experience. Respect is also gained through the wisdom of experience, and Steve Jobs deployed the political capital of respect to its fullest extent.”
By the mid 70’s Jobs and Wosnak decided to create their own company. They would need $1,000 to create their first proto type. So they sold some of their stuff to acquire the money. They both decided to call it Apple and would change it later if they found another name, but apparently they did not. Paul Terrel from Homebrew started his own company called Byte shop. Ordered 50 set for $500 each. He left Apple and created a company called NEXT in 1985. He became Pixar’s CEO in 1995. He also came back to Apple as the CEO and by 2000 he became the full time CEO. He started working on things like Ipod, Iphone and Ipads. Then in