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Market Report for Riot Games


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Certificate IV in Business Marketing
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Mr. Ross Summerfield

Executive Summary
League of Legends, otherwise known as “LoL” or “League” for short is the elected service for the following marketing report. League is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with over 70 million registered users worldwide. Riot Games, the company responsible for the development of the game since 2006 is seen as one of the most innovative online next-generation titles for PC and consoles.
Enclosed for this market entry report is the proposed expansion and promotion of League of Legends by Riot Games, their office located in Sydney, Australia. In this report, the below is the proposed market entry which is collaborating with V Energy Drinks. V is one of the leading energy drink products in Australia along with the likes of Red Bull and Mother. Riot Games should be able to establish its own company and promote League of Legends in Australia through this partnership.
In Australia, Riot Games will maintain its position as providing the highest quality game service, a competitive game environment. As well as they would like to position League as the current popular social online game in the world that can be played on both PC and MACs. In addition, it is to offer a social game where people can come to play as a team to achieve a common goal, much like football or basketball.
League of Legends servers are currently divided into ten different regions. Australia and New Zealand share a server called, “Oceania” (OCE). In comparison to the rest of the other regions such as North America (NA) and Europe (EU), Oceania has a relatively low player base. NA and EU individually, both have almost 5 times more players in their respective region than OCE.
So, with the partnership with V Energy Drinks the objective is to sell the product with League of Legends advertised on it. Riot Games will also provide unique codes that can be input as a promotional feature in the game and players are then enabled to unlock in-game cosmetics and/or win major prizes. In addition, this form of promotion will encourage new players to sign up to play the game.

Marketing Plan
Main Objective:
To encourage new players to sign up to play the game and increase the player base

Create advertisements and banners on popular streaming websites such as,, YouTube
Appeal to gaming consumers back into the V brand by offering a promotion that are relative to them
Promote the limited products through social media tools, such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram
Widely advertise the product in public areas this includes, public transports, billboards and posters
Advertise the product on popular magazines and gaming related websites
Host a LAN tournament where players can compete for a major prize

Specific Objectives:
Seamlessly bring together two brands, V and League of Legends
Create a limited- edition promotional can for the V range, includes the unique codes under the caps of the can
Bring the League of Legends brand to life on the V cans- maintaining the design integrity of both brands
Create promotional mechanics and prizing for the major national promotion

Strategy and Promotion
First and foremost, the challenge is to merge the world of V with the world of League of Legends. The best way to do this is to collaborate the common themes and graphics to create seamless brand collaboration. This can be ensured by identifying iconic and popular champions in the game and integrating it with the common graphic of the V logo. After the final design of the product, advertisements must be created to promote the limited edition product to the wider audience.
Secondly, advertising on various digital and physical mediums is required to spread and popularise the limited edition product. Some of these digital and physical mediums include: