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progress blogProgress blog week 3
Information Systems
This week was the beginning of analysing the case study as we start to dissect ad work out the problems within the current system. The Lecture gave us the basis of how to construct a model of the current system and how to use the terms of reference to pin point what we are actually being asked to improve. I had done some background reading before the lecture so there were no great surprises what was being talked about. We then applied this knowledge and understanding in the seminar by actually constructing the model of the case study. We did this in the groups that we will be working with on this assignment; our group will need to meet up before next week to finish up the context diagram. I have got some background reading to do before next week as I feel it helps me better understand the lecture.

The Lecture this week was the introduction to SIM Venture a business simulation game that we will be playing though in pairs and at the end be writing up a report on what we did including a SWOT analysis. This is great as it is getting you to start thinking what you would do someone who wants to start up a business from something very small and hopefully expand as time goes on. In the seminar we got our airs and started to have a practice with the programme and get used to how it works and what you need to do to have a success. This is something I am very much looking forward to and report is something I am not worrying too much about but really want to get a good mark from it. Next we will go through the simulation for real and hopefully m and my partner can run it successfully.

Understanding Organisations
Just the one lecture this week looking at the external environment and how it is so important for businesses to adapt and react to what is going on around them. I had also done some background reading before this and again meant I was able to understand a bit better the information that was being given. We went through the PEST and LoNGPEST analysis that an organisation might use to know what external factors may have an effect on them. I find this quite interesting because it has businesses develop and react to the changing world around so as to either be able to survive or maximise their profits. I have some more reading to do before next week which should come in handy for next week’s seminar.

IT Service Support
This week we looked at an aspect of the Service Lifecycle, service operation. In the Lecture we went over the information and what processes and functions do within service operation. Things are starting to click in my head so my understanding is much better than at the start but I still need to revise the definitions of the different functions ready for the first phase test coming up in 2 weeks. In the seminar we did a quiz in teams with questions in the style that we would get in the phase test. This put me at