Progesterone: Menopause and Progesterone Development Essay

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1) secreted by the corpus luteum-tissue left begind after the rupture of a follicle during ovulation. Maintains lining of the uterus necessary for a succesful pregnancy. 513 anat book purple

2) However, after ovulation the granulosa cells turn into granulosa lutein cells that produce progesterone.The progesterone may maintain a potential pregnancy and causes production of a thick cervical mucus that inhibits sperm entry into the uterus. A lower plating density makes granulosa cells exhibit estrogen production, while a higher plating density makes them appear as progesterone producing theca lutein cells wiki about granulosa cells
2)the hypothalamus-pituitary complex regulates the production of estrogen and progesterone – the hormones of the ovary the female’s gonadotropins are the same as the male’s – FSH and LH they both regulate the control of hormones produced by the ovaries – estrogen and progesterone the amount of estrogen and progesterone, in turn, regulate the release of FSH and LH in a negative feedback loop 3) Controls Breast development during puberty, progesterone development of the actual secreting cells. 920 anat book purple
3) Ovarian hormones, estrogen, and progesterone act on the breats to make them structurally ready to secret milk progeterone acts on the estrogen-primed breast to promote completion of the develpment of the ducts and development of the alveoli, the secreting cells of the breast 921 progesterone and estrogn help regulate the menstrual cycle 926

4) if progesterone levels fall, uterine contractions…