Program Planning Timeline

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Program Planning Timeline
3 Weeks Prior to Event: * Set date & time of event * Consider exploring the Social Justice program guides for inspiration ( ) * Create a preliminary list of necessary materials and estimate cost * Inform your community director and treasurer of the estimated cost * Create event title and submit a brief (3-4 sentences) proposal to your ACT co-director * Schedule a one-on-one with your ACT co-director to further develop your program * Think about where your event will take place and make sure that your location is both available when you need it and accessible * Present your program idea to your hall council * Secure presentation materials that your hall can provide and confirm their availability (ex. Projector screens)

2 Weeks Prior to Event:

* Plan details of event * Create a large poster or small fliers (this is optional but suggested) to distribute around your hall * Ensure continued communication with members of your hall council who may be assisting you * If obtaining a movie from the Social Justice library, contact Diane Schaller at to confirm its availability * If renting items from RHA, make sure that you send your request at this time

1 Week Prior to Event:

* Create Facebook event and post to both ACT pages and your hall's page * Contact anyone that you are collaborating with to ensure that everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing * Verbally remind your entire hall council of your upcoming event

24 Hours Prior to Event:

* Obtain any perishable materials (i.e. food) using your hall's p-card * Consider using social media to make the final push for attendance * Post a reminder on your hall Facebook page

1 Hour Prior to Event:

* Arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour beforehand to make wiggle room for unplanned difficulties * Set up room (or make sure room is set up properly) * Double check all technology—projectors, microphones, etc (1/2-1 hour prior to event time)