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Job Description - Computer Programmer:
A computer programmer writes the programs computers use to perform their functions. The programmer follows the specifications given to him or her by a computer software engineer
Employment Facts - Computer Programmer:
There were 426,000 computer programmers employed in 2008.
Educational Requirements - Computer Programmer:
To work as a computer programmer one must usually have a bachelor's degree, generally in computer science, mathematics, or information systems. Some computer programmers take coursework in computer science while earning their degrees in accounting, finance and business. Some of those working as computer programmers earn an associate's degree or certificate.
Other Requirements - Computer Programmer:
Programming skills and experience are highly valued in this field, particularly knowledge of object-oriented languages and tools such as C++ and Java. In addition, working computer programmers must constantly update their skills to keep up with changing technology.
Advancement Opportunities - Computer Programmer:
After gaining experience, a computer programmer may be promoted to a managerial position. One with business experience may become a programmer-analyst or systems analyst. Specialized knowledge and experience with a language or operating system can lead to a computer programmer becoming a computer software engineer.
Job Outlook - Computer Programmer:
Employment of computer programmers, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts, is expected to decline slowly through 2018.
Earnings - Computer Programmer:
Median annual earnings of computer programmers were $70,940 in 2009.
Use the Salary Wizard at to find out how much a Computer Programmer currently earns in your city.
A Day in a Computer Programmer's Life:
On a typical day a computer programmer's tasks might include: * Correcting errors by making appropriate changes and rechecking the program to ensure that the desired results are produced. * Conducting