Programming Language and Program Development Process Essay

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Part 1 Introduction to Programming
Chapter 1 Understanding Program Logic and Programming In this chapter, you will learn how to: 1. Define the meaning program logic and a computer program.
2. Describe the relationship between computer programming logic and computer programs.
3. Explain the process of solving a problem with program logic and a computer program.
4. Describe why program logic is modeled with pseudo code and flow charts before being transformed into a program.
5. Recognize the importance of program development methodologies like the program development process and the system development life cycle to develop computer
6. Describe the roles and responsibilities of programmers and the processes programmers use to create programs.
7. Differentiate between compilers, interpreters and virtual run-time machines in regards to building and executing programs.

Welcome to Computer Programming I would like to officially welcome you to computer programming. I am excited that you have selected this eBookto learn how to develop your own computer programs. I will give you all the information and examples necessary to understand the basics of computer programming. I will use standardized programming techniques and tools which have long been used by programmers to create quality computer applications. I will incorporate common sense explanations with a variety of examples to make sure the theory is backed up with application of that theory. Programming logic is the central focus in this eBookalong with how they are used by programmers to write efficient and effective computer programs. Every program should start with program logic, which is the blueprint, and end with the coding of programming language statements. The initial chapters of the eBookwill be dedicated to logic structures and specifically, structured programming. In later chapters, we will tackle more challenging programming techniques like object orientated and event driven programming. As a programmer who has been writing programs for more than twenty years, I have always enjoyed the challenge of programming and I hope that my passion for programming will rub off on you also. For me, the next best thing to writing my own programs is helping a new programmer learn how to write their own programs. There is nothing more rewarding then to see the pride of accomplishment in a students face when they create their first computer program. Let’s get started…..

Computer Programming – Computer programming is an activity performed by a computer programmer. It always starts with a person. It includes a process of creating logic models which is converted into program language instructions that are later executed on a computer. The goal of the program is to solve a problem or perform a task. Like a recipe provides instructions for a cook, a computer program provides instructions for the computer.
Program Logic – Program logic is used by programmers to model the programming language instructions carried out by the computer when the program is executed. Think of program logic as instructions you might give someone on how to make something or perform a task they have never done before. Program logic structure instructions might provide a program decision (i.e. if file does not exist, display message) or a loop through a series of repeated instructions. You might also think of your logic model as a blue print where you have mapped out the instructions but have yet to put them in a program as program language statements. Programming Language Statements: Programming language statements are used to implement program logic by sending instructions to the operating system. is logic with a program built on program language statements.
Programming Tip: Logic models are programming language independent which means logic writing concepts in the eBookcan be used across all programming languages.

Figure 1: A Computer Program and its