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During last class, our group specified our topic and plan of execution, thus we narrowed the targets for our social media research. Our goal is to observe the users of the different social media network accounts, focusing on the different topics users are posting about and seeing whether there are differences and/or similarities between users. Additionally, we will observe how often each user is posting and whether they use a variety of the different social media network platforms. Instead of researching people from age 18 to 30, we decided to narrow it to only focus on 4 college students who use all platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram), and 4 who use 2 or fewer platforms, so a combination of two social network platforms (Twitter and Facebook, Facebook and Instagram, ect.). Each of us have selected two people from both categories, and got the permission to follow and observe their social media accounts. Since the Thanksgiving holiday is coming up, we will continue to monitor our selected accounts and observe how their posting habits might possibly change during the specific periods of time. Based off of these observations, we will then choose two to three of our selected users to interview, to get a more in depth look of their social media accounts and their personal opinions. We also brainstormed a number of survey questions during last week’s meeting. It will be conducted on Survey Monkey, and the link will be sent through our New School email network at…