Study Of Macquarie Students Online Behavior In Relation To Pirating

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Study of Macquarie Students’ online behaviour in relation to pirating

Macquarie University’s faculty has identified increasing online behaviour involved in torrent downloading among students on campus using the university network. The faculty is investigating a potential solution of whether there is a market that caters to students providing online entertainment via lawful resources.

In-depth interviews were conducted on a small sample of MQ students by market researchers, using open-ended questions to gage insights concerning the usage of Internet behaviour involving piracy, if any. Despite respondents being for/against illegal downloading, the main consensus came down to students wishing for a platform available exclusively to MQ students that provided online entertainment at an affordable price.

Another main point that was raised was the suggestion of MQ Library creating a separate database online for all entertainment purposes as well as adding documentaries which a student thought “would be extremely engaging and informative to students”, a direct quote from a MQ student.

Based on research it was found that majority of students questioned would prefer MQ to provide students the option of an affordable entertainment package that allows them to watch content freely without consequences. Especially now, due to the government now trying to enforce the three strike policy on consumers. With these findings, it will prove beneficial to the innovation of Macquarie University to investigate further into the suggested entertainment avenues available in the next phase of the report.

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Questions asked during In-depth interviews
1) What is your understanding of the implications of downloading/streaming content, if any?
2) What is your view on downloading/streaming content?
3) How do you choose how you access movie/TV content?
4) If you do illegally download/stream, are you using Macquarie University’s network to do so?
5) Internet providers have threatened to enforce a three strike policy for customers who illegally download content in which after receiving the last warning, customers could face legal action.
Companies have formulated this scheme in hopes to steer customers to lawful sources of content. Does this potential change lead you to reconsider your downloading/streaming behaviour if any?
6) What would your ideal entertainment solution be for students at Macquarie University?
7) What would you think if Macquarie university provided a network where students could connect on
Campus to view entertainment via lawful sources such as Presto and provide this service at an affordable price for students?
R1 – Female (21)
I know it’s technically illegal but there are a lot of torrent sites online that allow us to download shows/movies and despite it being against the law there isn’t much that the government has previously done about it. I’m all for it, I religiously download movies off pirate bay at least a few times a week.
There’s been a lot of threats from government but if potentially that were to happen I would definitely reconsider
If I have long breaks at Uni I’ll sometimes load something using the network, not often though I’m not sure what Macquarie could offer in terms of online entertainment packages? But yeah if the university did pair up with presto and delivered students a good package deal then I would probably switch!
R2 – Female (19)
I don’t have that much knowledge on the implications just that is illegal to download, I prefer hardcopy DVDS
I think for those that do choose to illegally download, with the government now cracking down on the activity more, the best entertainment solution for students would be to offer an entertainment package for MQ students at a cheap price so students can still enjoy the full extent of watching shows/movies etc. without having to spend too much.
I think it