Essay on Progression for OUR Nation

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Progression for OUR Nation Freedom. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is what we had been striving for, for far too long while under Great Britain’s Monarchy. To be our own person, and not have any underlying consequence because of it. However, after we obtained said freedom and became independent from Great Britain, we have failed to have a properly balanced government that’ll make our nation strong. Let’s face it, The Articles of Confederation at first seemed like a grand idea with the proposition that states would have most of the power and providing less to the Federal government. Since the last thing we wanted was a Monarchy-esque type of government. Yet, it turned out to have numerous flaws that have slowly leaded this nation towards corruption and vulnerability to attacks. Economically, because of the fact that the government is not allowed to tax and each state, our nation is falling into debt. This is because of the fact that each state has its own form of currency, therefore having multiple separate economies at once. Not only that, but this has been hindering interstate commerce- a staple to keep our economy strong. In terms of protection, we stand out like sore thumb. In other words, have no form of common defense. Why you may ask? Well, The Articles of Confederation prevents the federal government from collecting taxes that is crucial in order to maintain or even have funds for a proper army or able to borrow money from other countries in out time of need. Thus, leaving us prone to invasions. Listen to me! We cannot go back under ruling, we MUST stand our ground but this cannot be possible if this new Constitution is not ratified. Take into account Shay’s Rebellion. That should be enough of a purpose to realize we need a strong government, something the Articles clearly aren’t providing. Crime wise we aren’t doing any better either. Since every state has a different set of federal laws, someone who commits a crime in one state and flees to another, cannot be charged there or even put on trial. Allowing criminals to walk away with no worries. There’s no safety, isn’t that what we want for ourselves and our children? Now let’s talk about us. Our liberty. You were promised the opportunity to finally be able to express our words and actions. Yet those promises were not kept, and are still pretty patchy throughout the states. Some have already established limitations on speech, assembly and even the rights given in courts. Is this what we fought so hard for? Restriction? I believe not, this is an audacity. There is a fine line between fair and taking…