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Progressive Insurance

Assignment question:

1. What is Progressive’s business?
a. . Insurance company—auto, home, motorcycle, renters, boat, etc.
b. . Staying competitive with other insurance companies—low rates, great coverage, fast claims
c. . Keeping customers by exceptional customer service
d. . 24/7 communication with customers
e. . Online and in-person services

2. What is critical to the success of the business?
a. . Fast claim reports and payments
b. . Thousands of response vehicles (IRV)
c. . Communication between adjusters and headquarters
d. . Communication between headquarters and customers
e. . Low rates—keeping customers

3. How does Progressive’s use of hardware contribute to these success factors?

Critical Success Factor Type of Hardware Contributions
Communication between headquarters, adjusters, customers, policy holders, etc. Laptops—part of a distributed processing system with multiple servers • Customers can contact headquarters on a claim or an accident
• Dispatchers can track the locations of the IRVs and connect them to the accident
• Agents at the scene can write up claim at the scene
• Agents can communicate with headquarters and policy holders instantly
• Claims are reported and disputed quickly which can increase revenues because more people are driven to Progressive
Fast claims Cameras/Video Cameras • Agent is able to take pictures at the scene
• Agent can upload the photos on the laptop and share them with management instantly
• Video cameras can provide a much more detailed description of the accident and settlement