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The Truth Behind Child Labor
Industrialization is not creating child labor, but it is contributing to the need for child labor reform. New made advancements with machinery, led to cheap child labor which became an increase profit for factories . Employer’s are being abusive to children's capacity to learn and work quick , and their willingness to work for lower wages. Our census has estimated about 2 million children ranging between the ages between 10-15 working in factories and mills . These children are working outrageously long hours in dangerous conditions , nonetheless are losing the ability to receive and education.
Mother Jones”
Mary Harris Jones , also know as “Mother Jones” is a labor activist who is now being known as one of the most dangerous women . Having lost her husband and children in a tragedy of yellow fever in 1867 , she returned to Chicago in which she lost her home in the Chicago fires of 1871. After this last personal loss of Mother Jones ,she began to work as a labor activist with Knights of Labor . She has been know to give inspiring speeches , and has put a great effort into protecting these children working in factories with rightful laws. She is caring to everyone around her which is why she earned the nickname “Mother Jones”.
The Truth Behind Child Labor
For the most part these children are doing it for the sake of their family who very much need the little wages they are paid.
How can we expect to have healthy hard working adults if our children are being exposed to these critical working conditions and receiving physical ailments . These children are losing their childhoods and being treated like animals , all to make the petty little toys for those more fortunate than them. We need to make sure we pass laws that protect these children , we are basically letting children die in our hands because we do nothing to stop these companies who are taking advantage of these children. Young children working endured some of the harshest conditions. Workdays are often 10 to 14 hours with minimal breaks during the shift. A large portion of these children moved to these city areas , because of the tales of work needed but where only after exposed to the actual truth of working as a child labor in harsh and unfair conditions . Only we have the abilities to ensure a better future for these young children , this the progressive era and we need to move forward and be realistic to what is actually going on in our…