Essay about Prohibition of Guns

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Prohibition of Guns
In David Kapel’s article, “The Ideology of Gun Ownership and Gun Control in the United States” the argument of whether or not guns should be prohibited is being raised to the surface. In today’s society the question of should firearms be banned is being brought up in many American’s daily conversation. Those who wish to keep their right to bear arms argue that guns have been around since the beginning of time and have become a way of life as well as a lifestyle for many Americans today. In the United States Constitution, the second amendment gives the people the right to bear arm, therefor the prohibition of guns would not only be immoral but unconstitutional as well.
Kapel uses logos, pathos, and ethos to help convince his reader of the importance of guns in America. Kapel uses evidence in his article to draw appeal to why the prohibition of guns would be unconstitutional and immoral.
In the article, Kapel uses pathos by using his own emotional appeal when talking about the unique emphasis that Americans put on self-reliance in every aspect of their lives. Guns are used for many reasons, for example self-protection. Most of the American population is seen as independent, and do not like to rely on others for much of anything. It is up to the people to go to work every day and support their families. So when it comes to the protection of their families, people are more likely to have another means of protection besides law enforcement itself. If an intruder breaks into someone’s home, they should have a significant means of protection to help fight off this criminal before a law enforcement team arrives. Pro-gun control activist say that this is called taking the law into one’s own hands, however self-defense is not taking the law into one’s own hands; it is simply protecting oneself from harm when there is no other option.
Prohibiting gun use in America would also create problems for hunters. There are people who use hunting as a way to provide food for their families that is much cheaper than buying already processed meat from the