Project 2 Essay

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Belinda Dukes
May 21, 2013
Project 2
MAC 7200-Advance Managerial Accounting (Mr. Mooney)

As a manager or owner of this business; in regards to the situation on whether to combine or separate sales reps I would combined them. I feel that in this particular case there would be a lot of benefits all around the company. For instance, one-call resolution for the customers; let’s be honest they are our bread and butter and what keeps the company running (revenue and management). Giving the customer a one stop shop will increase service and production volume. This is a good thing for the company. In addition, employees could receive higher incentives and develop a new skill to add to their own personal portfolio. Manager can also benefit with this change too; with duplicate managers they will have the extra support they need in making sure everyone one is doing their jobs correctly and meeting goals which could give them a bigger bonus at the end of the quarter or year. Because of the combining of the two departments experience employees in the specialty department (contract furniture) could assist the employees that’s not so experience with questions they might have on how to handle an issue with a customer if a manager isn’t readily available and vice versa. The company needs to keep the customers happy and satisfy in addition to saving money; employees will adapt. Although, the company could incur cost in additional training and paying out higher incentives they must look at bigger picture. The bigger picture is that in the long- run the customers will be more pleased to know that they can order something from the catalog and contract furniture with one rep; without having to call back in or be transferred with a longer wait time if that department is busy. It could cost more money to train the employees on the other department jobs but the overall benefits in my opinion out ways the present cost. The company could save money at the end. In the dilemma of purchasing trash trucks or leasing them; as a manager or owner I would definitely purchase them. If my company can save 30% in trucking cost by buying and get an average of 9 plus years usage vs. leasing a truck for about $1000.00 per month per truck and for only 3 years. To me it’s not worth it. Also…